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About our products...

We strive to source the highest quality ingredients in all of the products we sell at The Blue Sparrow Apothecary. We will never knowingly use products which are not ethically sourced or those obtained through the use of child/slave labor.


No animal testing is done using our products and our supplies come from vendors who produce cruelty-free, fair trade products. Some of the ingredients we love to use in our products include:

• Fresh herbs

• Plant-based oils/butters 

• Dried botanicals

• Certified pure essential oils

• Natural clays

• High quality fragrance oils 

• Natural colorants and mica powders

(As much as possible, we source ingredients that are fair trade and organic)

*Our products should be stored in a cool dry place* and may contain ingredients that are likely to melt if stored in warmer temperatures. You can store products in your refrigerator as well.


*Our products are not recommended for use on children under 6 years of age. Always spot test products for skin reaction before wider use. 

Our products are not regulated by the FDA.

Extending the use of your purchase

Keeping your soaps dry between uses will make your soap last longer.  Please use a soap life or dish that drains well and keep your soap away from direct streams of water. This helps create an ideal environment and extends the life of the soap. 

Body butters go a long way so you only need to use a small dollop to cover a large area. Use sparingly and rub into the skin thoroughly for best results and to minimize waste. Always keep your body butter lid on tightly between use. The oils in body butters and lip balms can melt in warm temperatures so please store this item a cool place, away from direct sunlight, or at temperatures between 65-85 °F.  If the oils in your body butter container separate for any reason, cool the butters down and use a clean spoon and stir them back together. 


Body & Facial Scrubs are wonderful products to keep your skin vibrant and nourished. Always apply using the provided wooden spoon and keep the lids on tightly between use. Do not add water to the jars as this can dilute the scrubs and cause sugars to dissolve. Any product containing oils used in the bath/shower should be used with care to avoid slipping. It is best to use hot water and dish soap to remove any oil film left behind.  

Bath Salts should be scooped out of the container with the provided wooden spoon and care should be used to not introduce water to the container as this can cause the salts to dissolve. Keep the container tightly sealed between use. A sachet bag or drain cover should be used to prevent dried botanicals from entering the drain. 

Bath bombs and shower steamers- colorants used in these products may stain some surfaces, especially porous surfaces. It is best to do a test prior to use. Vinegar & baking soda, bleach or makeup remover will usually remove any stains, but use at your own risk. Always rinse the bath/shower immediately after use. For shower steamers, you can place the shower steamer in a glass bowl in the corner of your shower to trap any colorant and dispose of any residue in a trash can. 

Do you create custom gift sets?

YES! We would be happy to put together a custom gift set for you. Please email us at and let's discuss your needs!

What is your return policy?

Returns are not accepted on opened items. We will accept unwanted products in unused, unaltered condition with original packaging or defective product within 30 days of purchase for refund, credit, or exchange. If your order arrives damaged, please photograph the box the order came in and if the shipping box is damaged contact the carrier for reimbursement. We package our items with care prior to leaving our facility, however, we cannot be responsible for damages caused by the delivery carrier. Please see the sections on domestic/international shipping for more details. 


If there is an issue with your order, please contact us within three (3) business days of your delivery so that we may assist you. Please give us the courtesy of trying to resolve your issue before leaving a review. We strive to provide excellent customer service so please allow us the opportunity to do so. You can contact us with any issues with your order at Thank you! 

Do you offer domestic shipping?


We package each item with care to prevent damage during shipping. If your item is damaged by the delivery carrier (box is damaged/crushed), please contact the delivery carrier for reimbursement. We can only be responsible for damaged items caused by an issue pre-shipment. Photograph your damaged item and the box if there are issues with your order.

All orders are typically pulled, packaged, and shipped within three (3) business days. If there is a delay in shipping your order, we will contact you as soon as possible. We are not responsible for delays in order delivery due to carrier issues which occur after your order leaves our facility as that is beyond our control. 

Some accessory item orders may be handled by a dropship supplier and in these cases longer shipping times should be expected. Some of these items are shipped internationally to the US. 

Do you offer international shipping?

YES! We would be happy to get a quote for international shipping. Email us at and we can work on a shipping quote for you. Shipping times can vary with international shipping so longer delivery times should be expected.


Our products are not intended to be ingested and are for EXTERNAL use only. If accidental ingestion occurs, please contact poison control at:

Human ingestion call (800) 222-1222

Animal ingestion call (888) 426-4435 


Please do not leave your candles unattended and do not use while sleeping or if you are away from home. Do not burn candles for more than four (4) hours at a time. Pay attention to the wick as the candle burns and reposition the wick away from the vessel wall to prevent overheating and bursting of glass due to excessive heat. ALWAYS TRIM YOUR WICK TO 1/4" before burning. Follow all candle warning labels and do not leave candles lit around children or animals without a responsible adult present. Always keep candles out of reach of children and animals.  Avoid burning your candle in drafty areas.  


Our products are not meant to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illness and no such claim is neither implied nor inferred and are not regulated by the FDA. 

If you have nut allergies, you should avoid use of our products as they may contain oils from nuts. 

If you believe you may have sensitivities/allergies to fragrance oils, essential oils, or products with herbs, please consult with your medical practitioner before using our products.


**We always recommend applying a small amount of product to the inside of your wrist or behind the knee to test for skin sensitivity prior to broad use over a larger area just to be safe that your skin does not have a negative reaction.  

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